Seed Stock Records Discography

Listed are the releases of Seed Stock:

SS-01 Sovereign - Rehearsal 1995 10"

3 unreleased tracks from the earliest Sovereign recordings. Pure Brazilian raw black metal.

Limited to 500 copies on Black vinyl

SS-02 Moontower - In the Shadow of the Wolf LP

Moontower's first official release. Reissued on vinyl with bonus tracks

Limited to 250 copies on black vinyl

SOLD OUT: SS-03 Hiver Noir - From the Dead Times of Depression LP

Hiver Noir's 2006 demo originally on Drakkar Prod.

Limited to 100 copies on black vinyl

SOLD OUT: SS-04 White Medal - Agbrigg Beast LP

White Medal's third demo put on black vinyl

Limited to 200 copies with xerox covers - SOLD OUT

Repress of 200 copies with Pro reverse-board covers

SOLD OUT: SS-05 Hiver Noir / Black Joy CS

Two unreleased recordings from both bands. Black Joy (Singapore), Hiver Noir (France)

Limited to 200 copies on clear pro-printed tapes

SOLD OUT:SS-06 Nuit Noire - Delirant Fantaesy 7"

3 new songs of french faerical metal recorded in 2006.

Limited to 200 copies on black vinyl, xerox covers and insert.

SOLD OUT: SS-07 Unholy Crucifix - Morbid Edifice 7"

Their demo cassette from 2007 (on Northern Sky Prod.) reissued on 7".

Limited to 200 copies, red covers, black vinyl.

SOLD OUT: SS-08 White Medal - Alone As Owt LP

The debut mini-album from Yorkshire's White Medal. Primitive and Atavistic Black Metal.

First press of 300 copies, pro-covers, stamped white label vinyl.

SOLD OUT: SS-09 Tony Tears - Voci Dal Passato CS

Tony Tears debut album released on pro-cassette

Limited to 250 copies, pro-covers, pro-tapes.

SOLD OUT: SS-10 Wulkanaz - Wulkana 7"

Wulkanaz (swe) first vinyl release

Limited to 500 copies, pro-covers w/ silver printing.

SOLD OUT: SS-11 Ostots - Ahuntzen Altarie 7"

Ostots (Basque) first vinyl release

Limited to 150 copies, 125 on black covers, 25 on Blue Covers.

SOLD OUT: SS-12 Wulkanaz - Paurpura Fraeovibokos LP

Wulkanaz 2nd full-length album, released April 2013

Limited to 500 copies, gatefold cover with 12 page booklet.

SS-13 Nuit Noire - Inner Light LP

Unreleased debut album from 2003

Limited to 500 copies, reverse board covers + insert

SS-14Sovereign - In the Abyss of my Soul 12"

The final release of Sovereign (Brazil)

Limited to 100 copies, pvc sleeve and card-stock insert

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